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| Picking and Choosing

I get a kick in the pants over those Catholics who lecture others about being a cafeteria Catholic. For those dear readers who do not know what a cafeteria Catholic is, it is the term given by some Catholics to other Catholics who do not agree with a specific church teachings. In other words, follow all Catholic teachings, every single one, or don't call yourself Catholic.

Get it? Just like a cafeteria, where you pick and choose what you want to eat.

Now, I agree with the concept of "all or nothing" in theology. If you want to call yourself Catholic you should follow all the rules. That makes complete sense; and it's a fair request.

Too bad no one on earth follows it -- or even could follow it if they wanted to.

And that is ok too. We are all human. Moral people try to live by a moral code, and for some that is Catholicism. But as humans we all make mistakes, we all have a different view of what is right or wrong.

What kills me, dear reader, is those that judge others for not being a good Catholic.

Please don't give me your moral lectures. You don't know me and I do not know you. I am doing the best I can, and I assume you are too.

As any loyal reader of Jefferson's Spirit knows, I have more than a few complaints about the church. They are responsible for the largest cover-up of childhood sexual abuse in history.

And if you gloss it all over by saying well, that's YOUR problem with the church I don't have much respect for any opinion you have about Catholicism. It is ALL of our problem.

And Cannon Law 1395 specifically forbids sex with minors by clergy. Cannon 1389 punishes church officials who don't punish clerics who sexually abuse.

So those Catholics who don't care to speak out about the abuse aren't following church doctrine. Plain and simple. Don't believe me? Look it up.

That's terribly sad and tragic. But it's ok. We aren't perfect and we can't be expected to follow everything. If going to church on Sunday gives you peace than I say go for it. I won't judge you.

So don't judge me.

My wife and I travel a lot and I always make it point to go into the Cathedrals of the city we happen to be in. It gives me peace. I light a candle of my grandmother. I say a prayer.

My wife always asks me why do you like going into churches so much.

I always answer The religion of Catholicism is beautiful, and, there are so many beautiful things about it. Too bad all of us had to go and fuck it all up.

So yes, dear reader I am a cafeteria Catholic and if you are Catholic and tell me you are not ,well, then I am sorry to say I don't believe you.

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