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| When Cell Phones Go Bad. . .

Did you ever have an embarrassing moment in your life? The kind in which you just want to crawl into a hole and hide?

I hate those moments. Thankfully they are few and far between.

But it just happened to me. Let me tell you about it.

My wife and I rarely fight. Sure, we bicker all the time but an actual drag out screaming match happens very rarely and always, always over something trivial. We make up shortly thereafter and all is right with the world. When I am really mad I slam doors, bang things on the table, etc, etc. You know the typical third grade temper tantrum.

Very rare. . . but is does happen.

These fights happen in privacy. . . but . . . next time I need to make a note to myself to turn off my cell phone.

Yes, cell phone -- as in accidentally dialing a person on my phone list. Who then hears our fight and hearing God only knows what finally hangs up.

Unknown to us, my cell phone was broadcasting to the world. . .

My friend calls me a week later to tell me they received a strange phone call and to ask if I am ok. . .

How embarrassing.

And it is the type of situation that trying to explain that "it was no big deal" makes you sound even worse.

"But we made up -- shortly after!"

"Sure Mark, whatever you say. . ."


Now I am afraid of my cell phone. Will it betray me? Who will it call the next time I am doing something I don't want people to hear?

Will it call my boss when I am in the bathroom?

Will it call a reporter when I am singing to my dog?

And how many times has my cell phone called someone and that person has never told me that it happened?

So consider this is public service announcement:

Either find the lock on your cell phone and use it;

Or. . .

Never say anything ever that you wouldn't want broadcast to the world.

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