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| What is Christmas About?

Christmas is about pens and pencils.

When you are shopping during the Christmas season have you ever just taken a second and looked around you? What the heck are we doing? People are fighting for parking spots and yelling and screaming at each other in the process. The stores are packed. Credit cards are being run through machines at incredible rates. Customers are yelling at cashiers because there are no more gift boxes left. This year a woman was seriously hurt at a Wal-Mart because other customers trampled over her to get to the special $29.99 day-after-Thanksgiving DVD player sale.

The homefront is not much different. Neighbors compete every year to see how many Christmas lights or inflatable Santas they can place in and around their homes. Family members get stressed out because they haven't finished sending out Christmas cards to people they barely ever talk to or the Christmas cookies aren't baked yet.

Politicians and talk radio hosts get cheap digs in as to why or why not a manger scene should be placed at City Hall. The TV and radio is filled with Christmas commercials.

And the songs. The nonstop Christmas carols that tell you Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year -- and if you don't feel that way -- well, something is seriously wrong with you.

It is just too much.

Christmas is really about cleaning supplies.

This year my wife did a wonderful thing. She "adopted" a needy family for Christmas. The idea is to take a post card from a family and provide them with the gifts they asked for on the card.

Our family consisted of a little girl and her mother.

The little girl asked for pens and pencils for school.

The mother asked for cleaning supplies so she could clean their house.

When I heard this I was shocked. Can you believe that there are little girls out there whose only wish is to have pens and pencils like the other children at school and mothers who struggle to obtain everyday cleaning supplies?

And can you believe I feel sorry for myself because my computer isn't fast enough, or my Christmas tree isn't large enough or the countless other things I complain about?

From now on I am going to try and make Christmas about pens and pencils and gratitude for what God has given me in life.

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