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| Historical (and Beloved) Mechanicville, NY

If this was the 18th century I would have to challenge Eric Luper to a duel. In his recent blog posting he attacked the fine history, and in so doing, the fine people of Mechanicville, NY. You can read it here.

So I am glad we aren't in the 18th Century because I would be scared. Shooting bullets at someone isn't exactly something I enjoy. Alexander Hamilton learned this the hard way when Arron Burr shot him to death during a duel. Alex died and Arron Burr, who was a rising political star, had his career ruined. In fact, Mr. Burr, who was at one time the Vice President, died a lonely, broke, alcoholic. The lesson in that story is that even if you win a duel you lose.

So I can only defend the honor of Mechanicville by saying Eric "conveniently" left out a few things of historical significance about Mechanicville:

1) Joyce's Log Cabin, a bar and tavern located on main street was the main speak-easy in the Albany/Saratoga area during prohibition. Al Capone and his gang would hang out there during the Saratoga racing season.

2) In 1976 that same bar and tavern was the scene to one of the worst mass shooting in Albany area history. Kenyon W. "Billy" Pruyn a 32 year old shipping clerk and former Marine fired fired hundreds of bullets into the tavern from his apartment across the street. As a result, two people, including a police officer, died and dozens were severely injured.

3) In 1998 the worst tornado in the areas history hit Mechanicville, destroying hundreds of homes but incredibly not a single life was lost.

So Mr. Luper failed to tell you that Mechanicville was home Al Capone's mob activities, crazy sniper shooters and freak weather patterns.

So typical of Mr. Luper.

One thing I should mention. Mr. Luper lives in the city of Albany. A city, which as the Capital of New York State, no one would dispute has having ton of historical significance. With all that history do you know what the signs going into Albany say?

"Welcome to Albany, Home of the NY Giants Summer Training Camp!"

I rest my case.

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