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This is Bishop Matthew Clark -- the Roman Catholic Bishop of Rochester, New York. This is the man who failed to warn my family (or anyone else's family) that there were known pedophile priests living in my parish and throughout the Diocese of Rochester. This man failed to warn my family that overnight trips with Robert O'Neill was not a good idea. As a result -- a piece of my childhood was taken from me and has left a large psychological scar. Last year, when I was suing the Diocese of Rochester for failure to warn I met a lot of other wounded survivors that Bishop Clark never bothered to warn either.

Bishop Clark has never picked up the phone, let alone gotten in his car to come and apologize for this terrible action.

Hey Bishop Clark -- if you don't have enough decency to apologize to me -- could you at least apologize to my mother? She cries herself to sleep most nights. Just thought you would like to know that. . .

You may be thinking -- now Mark, why would you subject the loyal readers of Jefferson's Spirit to this dark chapter of your life? Well, dear reader, normally I wouldn't. I would keep this to myself. But Bishop Clark did something last week that made me sick to my stomach.

He held a press conference and publicly demanded an apology from someone.

No, I am not kidding. Here is a picture. Bishop Clark is on the far right.

(Photo Credit: JAMIE GERMANO, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

Last week, a local Rochester talk show host, Bob Lonsberry, was suspended for calling the black mayor of Rochester an orangutan. I personally find Bob Lonsberry's comments offensive and racist. I agree that he should be suspended and that he should apologize.

But Bishop Matthew Clark is in no position to publicly demand apologies for anyone. This is a man who oversaw one of the biggest cover-ups of child sexual abuse in Rochester's history. He can not find it in himself to personally apologize to each and every survivor of his cover-up, but rushes to a press conference to demand apologies for comments made by a local talk radio shock jock.

Instead of holding press conferences, if I were Bishop Clark I would stay in my office and be grateful I am not in prison for covering up criminal acts of child molestation
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