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| Down At Our Rendezvous. . .

John Ritter died last week from an “undisclosed heart condition” -- actually, his blood was being pumped so hard into his artery that the blood caused it to rip open, killing him. Tragically, this condition isn’t rare. It can happen to anyone of us. It is impossible to predict or detect. Once the artery rips, you have about 24 hours before you die. Please don’t think about this – it will keep you up at nights.

Rest in Peace John Ritter.

The purpose of this blog isn’t to talk about death. I was sad that John Ritter died because he represents a part of my television history and nostalgia. I was in grammar school when Three’s Company was on the air. I love watching the show today because it brings back memories of my youth.

Other shows I think fondly of:

BJ and the Bear – “I’m BJ McKay and this is my best friend Bear!”
Diff’rent Strokes
The Facts of Life (had a huge crush on Blair – and I remember the first season, when there was 8 girls as opposed to the 4 girls in the other seasons.)
Square Pegs – Sarah Jessica Parker long before Sex and the City
Silver Spoons – Erin Grey!
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century– Erin Grey!
Wide World of Sports
Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom – When I was 7 I had no idea what Mutual of Omaha was; I still don’t.
Wonder Woman – Linda Carter! Even as a young boy I wanted her to put the “Lasso of Truth” around me!
Hee Haw
Lawrence Welk – reminds me of Sunday nights with my grandmother.
WKRP in Cincinnati
– I always liked the woman with the glasses over Lonnie Anderson
Happy Days – Fonzi, jumping over trash cans. The angst of waiting a whole week for Part II to see if Fonzi survived. . .
Hill Street Blues
Trapper John, MD

Kojack the Nightstalker
Chico and the Man
Marty and Krofts Superstars!
– Home of the classic “Land of the Lost” and that UFO/Alien show with Jim Neighbors and Ruth Buzzie
3-2-1 Contact!
St. Elsewhere
Barney Miller
– I hated this show, but I have fond memories of my Dad laughing out loud watching this.
Battlestar Gallactica
Fat Albert
Eight is Enough
– I still have a crush on Nancy
James at 15
Dr. Who
Benny Hill
Davey and Goliath
– Geeeeee Daaavvvy!
He-Man – (and She-Ra!)
Too Close for Comfort
The Greatest American Hero
– who could it be? Believe it or not it’s just me!
Mork and Mindy
Joker’s Wild

All those Christmas specials with those puppet like dolls
CBS Charlie Brown specials
After School Specials
Life Goes On
Dance Fever
Sha Na-Na
21 Jumpstreet

The list can go on and on.

These shows remind me of my childhood. John Ritter’s death was a reminder that my childhood is over.

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