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| Bite Me Tiger

Tiger Woods is a jerk.

This summer, the PGA held their tournament in my hometown of Rochester, New York. Tiger was there and acted like a complete and total prick to the public.

One guy patted him on the back. Tiger turned to him and told him "If you do that again I will put a five iron down your throat."
Very nice Tiger.

He also threw a tantrum and refused to sign autographs.

Let's take a reality check for just a moment shall we? Tiger is very good at what he does -- very good. He has a skill I will never have. He makes millions of dollars and revitalized the sport. But let's be crystal clear on what Tiger does: He takes a little white ball and tries to make it go into a little hole.

That's it. Period. Nothing else. Society does not improve whether or not Tiger has a good day on the golf course. But society praises pricks like Tiger for doing trivial (albeit he does it very well) things.

Tiger, and the countless others like him, will take your money, allow you to sing his praises and will take your awards. But don't you dare talk to him.

You are not worthy.

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