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| Of Course I Will Post This Marianne

Dear Mark,

Your emotional expression on Geoghan's murder brought tears to my eyes. I'm with YOU. I do not share the radical views on either side. I did not wish him a violent death, but I did wish his victims a chance for them to confront their molester. On the other hand, it upsets me to hear Bishops and some parishoners assume that God will receive him with open arms. They all "pray for him."
Could you put this piece on the website? I wrote it in April of 2002.

Thinking of you Mark.

Love, Marianne


For parishoners who are collecting money in little white envelopes and lighting vigil candles for guilty priests today, why not light some for the VICTIMS of these priests?

To say that these PLANNED crimes are "mistakes" allows the evil-doers free reign to repeat their CRIMES. The definition of "mistake" is, "an idea that is wrong, an error, a blunder."

I have collected news clippings concerning other clergy abuse crimes from all over the country (and world). The stories depict the SAME METHODIC PLANS by these "men of the cloth"; crimes of TERRORISM against those who were rendered helpless - children, adults who seek counseling, teenagers seeking spiritual guidance (and are given alcohol by these men who represent God). These acts of violence are PLANNED RITUALS carried out by "men of God", WITHOUT God in mind! And if a priest isn't doing God's work, there can be only one other FORCE at work here.

And to all the loyal parishoners of these EVIL-DOERS, forgiveness is for the VICTIMS! And how can there be forgiveness without JUSTICE? We are working on changing New York State's Statute of Limitations. When those whose lives have been forever damaged, see their abusers go to prison for their despicable acts - is when they can consider "forgiveness."

Correctional facilities are full of "mistakes." The key that opens their cell doors comes AFTER their sentences have been served.

-- Marianne Barone Trent (mother of two survivors - member SNAP - Syracuse Diocese (wriiten in April, 2002)

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