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| O Simon Magus! O disciples of his!
Miserable pimps and hucksters, that have sold
The things of God, troth-plight to the righteousness,
Into adultery for silver and gold;
For you the trump must sound now - you are come
To the bag: the third bowge (pit) has you in its hold...

-- Dante's Inferno

John J. Geoghan a priest who molested over 130 children was strangled to death by a fellow inmate last night.

As a victim of clergy sexual abuse I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I hope the son of a bitch is getting his orientation training of hell by Adolf Hitler right about now. . .

But the pure hate I have of priests who molest children saddens me. Did the Catholic Church do nothing for me but teach me to hate them?

Pretty close -- but they also taught me by the age of 12 how to drink Gin and where the best porno stores in Toronto are (I am not joking)

However I do believe the faith of the Catholic Church is beautiful.

I think the teachings of Jesus are beautiful.

And I believe the Catholic tradition and sacrament of penance is beautiful. . .

If I damn Father Geoghan to hell, the priest who molested me and the Bishops who did nothing to protect me win.

No, I hope that in the final hours before a fellow inmate strangled Geoghan in his cell he prayed for forgiveness --
And that God granted it to him.

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