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Today after work I attempted to drive my Chevy Blazer out of the parking garage to go home. I do this everyday. However, as I drove out of my parking spot I heard the distinctive “thump, thump, thump” of a flat tire. The passenger side rear wheel was flat and, upon closer examination, a nail was sticking out of the tire.

I called my wife, who called AAA, who said they would be there in 40 minutes.


My wife was kind enough to drive to my parking garage and wait outside for the AAA truck. I was in an incredibly foul mood.

I thought I would save time by getting the spare tire in my Blazer out and ready for the mechanic when he arrived. I pulled out the driver’s manual and for the next 40 or so minutes proceeded with one of the most complicated and convoluted ways of reaching a spare tire I have ever been witness to. It involved actually removing panels inside the Blazer, a crow bar, pulleys, and cable wire. I actually had to crawl under the Blazer to disconnect the tire in my work clothes. It was 90 degrees in the garage and I was filthy, sweaty and angry.

After this battle with retrieving the spare tire, the AAA truck arrived. I was beaming with pride with the fact that I had the tire out and ready to replace the flat. The mechanic looks at the flat tire and immediately says “I can patch this tire up in 5 minutes and it will be as good as new.”

He was wrong about that – I think it only took him two minutes.

I threw the spare tire I had released into the back seat. It will take me hours to get it back to its original position.

All that backbreaking work I did was for nothing. A simple patch solved the problem.

I do that kind of thing a lot.

Whenever a problem arises, I always assume it is a complicated problem with a complicated solution. This creates an enormous amount of stress for me. 9 ¾ out of ten the problem is simple; with an easy fix. All my worrying and stress is unneeded and useless.

Life is easier when one assumes a simple patch will fix things as good as new. Those who search for the spare tire die young.

Or at the very least needlessly ruin their clothes.

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