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Last September I was involved in a horrific car accident. I was driving my Chevy Blazer SUV and making a left hand turn on a busy intersection.

As I made the turn, I heard my wife scream and then:


A motorcycle hits my SUV and the driver flies into the air and onto the pavement.


As he lay on the pavement my wife and I jump out of our truck to see if he was ok.

Blood was everywhere.

As I was lying in the hospital emergency room, a police officer stops by and gives me ticket for failing to stop at a red light – which could not be further from the truth.

I was in such shock at the time that I protested very little.

The motorcycle rider turned out ok – suffering only a broken coller bone. (It seemed far worse at the time) – He was, after all, strong enough to sue me only two days after the accident. (Thank God for modern medicine that gave him the strength to hire an attorney)

In any event tomorrow I go to traffic court to prove my innocence for failing to stop at a red light. And dear reader, I am a little nervous. Even though I know I am innocent I am still worried that the court will not believe me.

I have to have faith in the system. And I have to believe my innocence. That means I have to trust – and that, quite frankly is something I am not very good at.

I guess this trial will be good practice for me. And I need to trust thing in my life.

So I need to look at tomorrow as practice makes perfect

As you can see, Your Honor , from this exhibit, I did nothing wrong. . .
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