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| You Deserve a Break Today...

Dear Loyal Reader:

As you already know, the staff here at Jefferson's Spirit (mainly, me) has not written a new article for over eight days! I promise you that the lack of new material will not be a common occurence.

You may be asking yourself "where, exactly, dear writer, have you been?"

Good question.

Quite simply, I have been so overwhelmed with life that I needed a break. So I took one.

Yes. It's true!

"Taking a break" is a new concept for me. I have always been one to plow ahead, regardless of how I am feeling, because "IT IS THE RIGHT AND RESPONSIBLE THING TO DO"

I am slowly, but surely, learning that sometimes the best course of action is to take no course at all. I am learning that we all deserve to give ourselves a break. We are often too hard on ourselves. And being hard on ourselves does nothing but give us unnecessary stress.

When things get too hard, take time to recoup. You will be thankful in long run.

And stay tuned for new and exciting articles daily from the loyal staff here at Jefferson's Spirit!

McKinley Cat Update -- McKinley is recovering nicely. It seems her liver had a little trouble breaking down fat. The vet tells us if we keep her hydrated and fed, she should recover. (Thank you God) McKinley gave us quite a scare. She is back to her fiesty self.
Sunday, May 18, 2003
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