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| You and Me Baby Ain't Nothing But Mammals -- or How I Failed to See the Forest

My dog Jefferson is silly.

Every morning as I get ready for work she becomes utterly devastated. She is sad and melancholy. Every evening when I come home from work she is ecstatic – she barks and cries and demands a hug. She acts as if she was never going to see me again.

Silly puppy.

She makes herself sad and unhappy every day. She does this because she thinks I am leaving and never coming back. In her puppy mind, she doesn’t realize I am going to come home – as I do every single day.

She also doesn’t know that the reason I leave is to go to work, so I can make money, so we can afford to feed her and give her a roof over her head. All she knows is that I am leaving, and I might never come back.

Silly puppy.

You see, she is stressed out and upset because she doesn’t know THE BIG PICTURE .

And while I call Jefferson silly for acting this way I fail to realize I do the exact same thing.

When things go wrong in my life I become worried and upset; I panic. When things do not go according to my master plan I assume the world is coming to an end. I worry constantly about how things will turn out; I am big on assuming the worst.

I constantly fail to remember that things always seem to turn out ok. I can not count how many times I became terribly upset over some bump in the road of life only for it to turn out perfectly fine.

I fail to see THE BIG PICTURE.

There is a master plan out there for me. I do not know what Fate has in store. So it seems silly to worry and fret over events when I am only capable of seeing only a small piece of the puzzle. Yet I do this day in and day out.

I never learn my lesson; just as Jefferson Dog never learns that I always come home at the end of the day. We are a lot alike; Jefferson and I.

Silly me.

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