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Q: Do You Know What St. Francis is the Patron Saint For?

McKinley is resting comfortably after her biopsy today.  She actually ate some food.  The results won't be available until tomorrow afternoon.  They will be what they will be.  She seems content today -- and for right now that's all I want.

I don't know about you -- but I need something inspirational.  Here are the words of a beautiful song by Pierce Pettis, from his album Everything Matters:

God Believes In You

When you start to doubt if you exist,

God believes in you.

Confounded by the evidence,

God believes in you.

When your chances seem so slim; when your light burns so dim and you swear you don't believe in Him,

God believes in you.

When you rise up just to fall again,

God believes in you.

Deserted by your closest friends,

God believes in you.

When you're betrayed by a kiss and turn your cheek to another fist; it doesn't have to end like this

God believes in you.

Everything matters, if anything matters at all

Everything matters; no matter how big, no matter how small

When you're so ashamed that you could die,

God believes in you.

And you can't do right, even though you try,

God believes in you.

Blessed are the ones who grieve; the ones who mourn; the ones who bleed

In sorrow you'll sow, but in joy you'll reap,

God believes in you.

Oh, God believes in you.

I love that song.  And by the way -- St. Francis is the patron saint of animals.

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