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A Prayer for Nine Lives

Today has been a terrible day. 

My cat McKinley has been diagnosed with liver trouble.  In the course of one week she has lost an incredible amount of weight and no longer eats.  As of yesterday, she no longer could even drink water without throwing up.  She is only 7 years old.

Tomorrow we bring her back to the vet for a ultrasound and a liver biopsy.  They want to see if she has a tumor in her liver.  If they find one -- well, that's God's little way of punching me in the stomach to teach me it is always his will,not mine, that calls the shots.

I dread this.

People who have pets have told us to keep a brave front in front of McKinley, since animals know when their guardians are sad.  It is hard.  My wife and have been sobbing all day.

Last week, our biggest concern was whether or not to buy lawn furniture and season pases to an amusement park for the summer.  Tomorrow, my wife and I might have to decide whether or not to put McKinley, our sweat pea, to sleep. 

A few posts ago I wrote about the beauty of faith and the power of prayer.  If you could spare some faith, could you pray for our baby, McKinley Roosevelt Cat?  She could sure use it right now.  And if you can't find yourself praying for a cat, could you please pray that my wife and I find the strength to do what is needed to be done in the coming days?

Thank you.

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