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| It Tastes Great on French Fries and Cleans Floors

This is the Tao panting of the Vinegar Tasters.

Here is the run down:

The vinegar the men taste represents life.

One man tastes the vinegar and, noting the bitterness, grimaces.

One man tastes the vinegar, notes the bitterness, but hoping for something that tastes better in the future, remains passive, neutral and expressionless.

The last man is smiling. He tastes the vinegar and enjoys it for what it is.

I want to be the smiling man someday.

Life is what it is so you might as well make the best of it. But I have a long way to go before I smile when tasting life.

But, and this is good news, I am not the first man in the painting either. I don’t automatically assume life is terrible. That wasn’t always the case. Just a short time ago I was him– and the quality of my life was suffering greatly because all I could taste was the bitterness of life.

And believe me dear internet surfer; it is not a good way to live.

Lately I have been the second man in the painting. I live in hope; things can be better – but not just today. The hope of a better tomorrow makes me feel better – but I do not allow myself to be content in the here and now. Thus I am never completely happy. Things will always be better “tomorrow.”

I hope someday I will be able to taste the vinegar and smile. Because vinegar is the only choice of dressing on the salad of life! (please forgive me for such a horrible analogy)

McKinley Update – she is taking food and is alert (which she was not three days ago). She is still lethargic. My wife feeds her cat food with a syringe made for that purpose. She has to go to the vet’s office everyday for an IV drip in order to keep her hydrated. McKinley isn’t out of the woods – but I think we found the trail out; if she can find the strength to follow it.
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