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| I Am So Outta Here. . .

Last week Michael Jordon, probably the greatest basketball player of all time, was fired from his management position with the Washington Wizards. He went into a meeting, told he was no longer needed and after a bitter argument left the facility.

That had to have been humiliating.

And it got me thinking, dear internet surfer; sometimes it is best to walk away from something when you are at the top of your game.

Michael Jordon retired (the first time) from basketball a few years back. At that time, he was at the peak of his skills and the world held him in awe. People speculated if basketball would ever be the same in his absence. If he left, and stayed away, he would have been a living legend.

But he didn’t do that. He kept coming back again and again. Every time he came back he was a little older – losing his skills slowly. Michael Jordon was still great, but only a shell of his former self.

Instead of being a living legend, he is known as the guy that keeps coming back; and people will remember the image of him from last week; leaving the parking lot after being fired.

We all do this, in probably a lesser degree, in our own lives.

Sometimes we need to leave the basketball court while we still have the choice to stay.

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