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| Drip, Drip, Drip. . .

As loyal readers to Jefferson’s Spirit already know, my cat McKinley is quite sick with a liver disease. She is stable, but far from healthy.

A part of her treatment is an I.V. drip of saline solution every day to insure she does not become dehydrated. It is an awful experience.

I have to hold her down securely while my wife inserts the needle in her back and starts the drip. As I am clamping her down I can see the saline fluid travel from the bag, through the tube and into her back.

We do this everyday.

You know what it reminds me of? A lethal injection.

I do not know what your views of the death penalty are; nor does it really matter. I think we all can agree that for all those involved in an execution it must be an awful experience.

Think about it. You have to take a man (or woman), force him to lie on a table, strap him down and then insert a tube into his vein. A tube which will soon carry a solution that will inject a lethal mixture of chemicals which will first paralyze, and then cause cardiac arrest. You have to watch as the man gurgles and spasms until he is dead – at which time he releases his bowls onto the table.

How terribly awful.

And it’s no picnic for the person being executed. They have to wait in a tiny cell for that fateful hour. They are forced to lie down on a table and experience themselves being strapped down and inserted with a needle which will kill them. And then there is that whole death thing. . .

Don’t forget the victim’s family and friends who are forced to remember the terrible death of their loved one while watching the person who killed them get killed themselves.

And then someone has to remove the corpse from the table. Someone has to wipe down the table. Someone has to throw away the needle and the tubes. Some reporter has to write about what they witnessed. And the death chamber has to get ready for the next execution.

And you thought you had a bad day.

Anyway, this is what runs through my mind as we give McKinley Cat her daily I.V.

I am a depressing kind of guy.
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