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| Watch your Head

The other day Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs took a 90 mile an hour fast ball to his head. The impact was so hard that it shattered his batting helmet. Yet as dramatic as this sounds, he was perfectly fine. A neurological exam after the game showed no signs of head trauma.

Last week, Dr. Richard Atkins, of low-crab diet fame, slipped on a bit of ice in a parking lot as he was walking to his car. He hit his at just the right angle to destroy his brain. He died.

Two different people, two different outcomes, and two different fates.

When it is your time to go, it is your time and nothing can change that fact.

I guess in a way that is comforting. If fate determines our lives, we might as well sit back and enjoy life. Being over cautious as we traipse through life is pointless. You can spend your whole life be overly careful and one day choke to death on your vitamin pill.

That said, why take chances? Why tempt fate? Telling fate “I dare you” by smoking, skydiving, drag racing and the like only gives fate the opportunity to call you in on your dare.

For now I’ll stick to my low carb diet and wear my seat belt.

I mean, Sammy Sosa was wearing his batting helmet.

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