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| So this is my blog. This is my first post. So this is like Chapter One. And the strangest thing is that now that I have started this thing, I have no ideas to write about.

Why the name Jefferson’s Spirit?

Well for one I like Thomas Jefferson. He was an interesting guy and had a lot of good ideas. He was a good writer as well. He wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence. The other Founding Fathers edited the hell out of it. That really pissed Jefferson off and he never got over it. He also wrote a lot of books. The guy liked to write. In fact he went into serious debt buying books, and writing desks and all sorts of stuff. He was a compulsive spender. He was the Third President of the United States. He also had an affair with his teenage slave, Sally Hemmings. He was an interesting and eccentric guy.

He would have loved to have written a blog – and he could write to his heart’s content without fear of edit:

Wednesday, April 16, 1817

Today I vetoed three bills, fucked Sally, and blew off a bill collector.
By the way, can I just say John Adams is a total asshole? Get a life buddy!

I also named my dog, a lab mix, Jefferson. She is my baby. She is smart and stupid at the same time. She is an enigma and in her own canine, puppy way she teaches me life lessons. I think I will share what she teaches from time to time here.

So I guess in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson’s ideas, and the spirit inside my dog Jefferson, I have enough fodder to write a thing or two to share with you, dear Internet surfer.

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