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| How I Ruined the Ruins

I hate Sundays. I always have. I think it has something to do with the fact that my weekend is over and I have to go back to work on Monday. This doesn’t make any sense when you think about it. I ruin one entire day, Sunday, to lament over the fact that the next day will require me to sacrifice my freedom for about 8 hours to work. And the strange thing about it is that Monday is never as bad as I thought it was going to be on Sunday. This happens every Sunday without fail.

I also do this during vacations. I may be on a beautiful Caribbean beach, but my mind is stuck somewhere cold, grieving that I have to go home in three days.

Why have fun when you can worry about the future?

I love Fridays mornings. I am happy because even though I am at work, I will have two days of freedom in the near future. This doesn’t make any sense because even though I am at work, I am happy because I won’t be working on Saturday. I also won’t be working Sunday – but like I said, that day is ruined because I have to work on Monday.

The best part of the vacation is on the drive to the airport. The vacation hasn’t started yet, so I am at my happiest, anticipating the trip.

I have to learn to enjoy the here and now. But I have a long way to go.

I was in Rome recently. I had a few hours to kill before a meeting, so I decided to go visit the ancient Roman ruins, the Coliseum and the like. I had never been to Rome before and I am a history fanatic. It should have been an incredible experience for me.

But it wasn’t.

I was so worked up over what was going to happen at my meeting that I wasn’t really taking in the fact that I was standing in the middle of the 2500 year old Roman ruins. At that point the Coliseum for me could have been a parking garage. It was a beautiful 70 degrees autumn day in Rome, Italy and I am worried about some business meeting.

The meeting turned out fine with no problems. The pictures of me at the Coliseum turned out great as well. But I hate looking at those pictures. It reminds me of how I ruined that day with excessive, needless worry.

I hope I get back to Rome again. And I should try to enjoy this Sunday. It is all I have.

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