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| April Showers Bring May Flowers

I have about a 25 minute commute, one way, to work. Late April means nice weather, and nice weather means road construction. My ride into work is littered with construction slow downs and detours. One long stretch of road, which has been riddled with potholes, was stripped and roughed down today. This road is now filled with ragged strips and bumps. In a few days, when the stripping is completed, they will smooth over the road with fresh, smooth asphalt – and the road will be better than new.

I asked someone once why they strip and make the road so rough before paving it over. I was told it allows the asphalt to settle and become uniform when being laid down. In essence, you have to have a rough patch if you eventually want a smooth ride.

That is like life.

It is only through pain and adversity that we grow stronger, better and wiser.

When Richard Nixon was forced to resign due to the Watergate scandal he held one final press conference as President. It must have been a humiliating experience for him. Yet he ended it by saying something quite profound and uplifting:

"Only if you have been in the lowest valley can you appreciate the highest mountain.”
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